Hip Hop Hates Me is a zine collection created by Brittnee Cann that centers around the trend of misogyny in hip hop music and culture.

HHHM: Volume 1 was created in March of 2016. It serves as an outward observation of this theme, a reactionary presentation of the many  ways that hip hop mistreats women through demeaning language, sexual objectification, sexual conquest, and physical violence.

HHHM: Volume 2 was published three months later in June and digs deeper into the origins of this phenomenon, its impact on our society, and the author’s thoughts on the importance of education and responsible consumption of art.

If you'd like a printed copy of either zine, hit me up on Twitter @brittneecann.

HHHM Volume 1 - PDF download

HHHM Volume 2 - PDF download

VOLUME 1: Data Sources & Educational References

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VOLUME 2: Resources & Recommended Reading

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